Monday, May 11, 2009

Flytec Race and Rally Day 6

Today was looking epic with nice clouds at 7,000ft a 123km out and return was set. I got up just in time for the 1st start which I did not really plan on taking, but realised that Dustin and many others were not in position and I was. So after contempating I decided to go I was with Jamie on the rigid so I thought maybe he could drag me along. We glided from cloudbase 7,200ft all the way to about 1,200ft in 7-800 fpm down before hitting some light lift. I saw Jamie circling just in front of me so I pushed on for him, knowing that I needed a good climb to stay in front. I went under him and got nothing, so I pushed on for a cloud over the swamp and had to turn back to make it to a landing. Minutes later I was on the ground and spent the rest of the day watching everyone fly over me. Below is todays very short Video..LOL