Wednesday, September 30, 2009

Morning Glory Vid

Some more Photos from This is the first cloud that I was towed into by Leeroy in the Dragonfly. I could not resist the temtation to do some loops once I gained my confidence flying the Glory.
High speed trying to keep up with the Glory.
This is a short Video that they call a VNR which was released yesterday to mainstream TV. It goes for 10 mins and is not really edited and is more for TV to take parts of and use on Tv. You still get a sneak preview of some of the footage that was taken up there especially if you missed the News last night. I will be on channel 7 sunrise thursday at 8:15am if you want to tune in and watch. Also will be on Wide World of Sports on sunday and Saturday Disney in a couple of weeks. Check out this link on youtube for a sneak preview. Red Bull Glory Glide Also some other links are. MSN