Sunday, September 20, 2009

Morning Glory..

Well how do I start.. I woke up this morning with a good feeling the weather was feeling humid and and different from other days. We arrived at the salt flats at 5am and was set up and ready by 5:30am. Once the first light appeared we could see a huge cloud coming for us.. I was so excited and we had to wait for about 45-1hr before we towed up. Once I started towing towards the coast line to get the cloud it was breath taking. I was speachless in the air and once I released I had the flight of my life. I got comfortable with the cloud for 5 minutes then I could not resist and started doing some loops just to see what it looked like upside down. I rode the wave cloud for 45kms before landing safely next to the main dirt road that heads SW out of town. Leeroy was soaring the Dragonfly two up for at least 60kms before returning to the airport in Burketown. Their was big smile all around the camp and the whole crew said they had never experienced anything like a Morning Glory.. These pics were all taken by Keiro in the Lancair.