Monday, August 24, 2009

Brasilia day 7

Today was looking much better on the wind front so we raced off to launch. We set up and there were small cu's poping behind launch on the platau. They set an almost straight line with 2 turnpoints to Brasilia.
My glider on launch with the wind blowing straight up.
Just as launch opened you could see that it was starting to build up and we still had 1 hr before the start. It was very light conditions on launch and the first few scratched for a little while. I dove off when they started to climb and got up slowly in the stable airmass infront of the clouds.
I topped out at 1700m and glided down the ridge with a few others towards the start circle. I climbed again back to 1800m this time and then flew right to the 7 km exit mark and waited there for the next 20 mins.
Dustin had launched not long after me but was stuck down low and we they start came around I spotted him low on the ridge. A big gaggle headed for the 1st turnpoint and just before we got there we encountered some rain. It was not a lot and most of us flew through it and in to the sun and climbed again. About 10 landed just before the forest as they were lower and got drilled in the rain.
This is what it looked like when I reached the forest.
I was climbing back up in a good thermal with the lead gaggle but looking toward the next turnpoint was not looking good. Dustin now came in just above me after getting high on the edge of the last storm front that hit the 1st turnpoint.
As we get higher it is getting darker and heavier.
We were now all in one big gaggle with a wall of rain in front of us. Some tried to go around the rain like we did on the last glide but it was eveident the day was going to be called off. Dustin and Nene went through the rain and continued on to the Esplanada without the last turnpoint.
My Gps showing the direction of the next turnpoint.
Everyone else turned around and landed close by a road before the storm came in. I landed at a big fuel station with green grass and food while I waited for my retrieve to turn up.
So results have not changed since round 4 which means that I am the 2009 Brasilia Champion..:-)