Wednesday, September 16, 2009

Film Crew Arrives.

Well all the film crew arrived yesterday including a big helicopter with a cineflex camera on the front. We had a meeting last night to discuss all the logistics that can occur with Morning Glory and how we will shoot the Glory.
Red Bull camp as first light arrives.
We had crew call at 5am this morning and I was up at 4;30am checking the weather. I uploaded the infared satelite pic and I could see a Morning Glory stretching about 800kms wide. There was lots of excitement so we raced out to the salt flats to setup.
Once we got all the camera's setup on my glider and rigged it the first light was just starting to appear. We looked out on the horizon to see this cloud that stretched from horizon to horizon.
The Glory on the horizon behind me.
It is such an amazing site to see such a cloud formation like this one. The cloud was slowly getting closer and bigger. Keiran was up in his lancair reporting the location of the Glory for us to give us the best chance of catching it.
It appeared to stop so we waited on the ground for about 1 hour before giving up on the Glory. All the sailplane pilots were coming back already so it was quite a bad sign even though there was still a big cloud bank out there.
We decided to go for a tow and check out all the camera positions to ensure that everything is set for the Glory when it comes. I towed for 25 mins towards the cloudbank and realeased at 5500ft agl. It was very broken and was not the Glory that we had hope for earlier on when the sun came up.
I did some loops and spins and a low level pass before arriving safely back on the ground with all 5 cameras unscratched.
The wind has picked up today just after I landed so that could mean that tomorrow could be the day...
I hope to give you some good news soon...:-)
Keiran managed to catch a Barramundi yesterday fishing and was very excited..