Monday, September 14, 2009

First Morning Glory.

Well after arriving last night to late to set up the Dragonfly we thought we would wake up anyway to see if there was a Glory.. I could see a dak line on the horizon so we all jumped out of bed and raced out to the salt flats to have a look. Sure enough there was a big Morning Glory coming right for us..
The sunrise Glory..
With no dragonfly we were unsure what to do. Leeroy was keen to roll out the ground tow setup and pull me into the glory that way.. I ummed and ahhhed a bit before returning to the camp to get the harness and equipment.
The Boys holding up the sunrise.
We raced back out there setup as fast as we could was hooked up on tow just as the Glory started to come through. The wind started getting stronger and more cross. We took up tension on the rope but it released as I had the release set up to short.. The wind got stronger and stronger and with out big jon holding my glider down with all his weight I would not be typing this email now. It was the strongest wind I have ever been strapped into my hang glider and was for the first time actually very scared.
The Glory after it had gone past us..
As it was our first real Glory I was not sure if the wind would get even stronger again. After about 30 seconds of wind around 30-35knts then nothing it was so amazing... Looking up and seeing this cloud an trying to understand the theory of how this works was mind boggling..
In the Middle of know where with Glory Behind.
stay tuned for more Glories....