Monday, September 21, 2009

UN F...ING Believable

Well after having my dream come true yesterday I woke up this morning and looked straight on my computer for the weather. I saw the biggest line of Morning Glory on it's way towards us. I knew we had to be fast as it was close and with it's size it was moving fast. We raced out to the salt flats and on the way we drove into fog. This is the best sign you can have for a Morning Glory. All the big ones they have ever seen start with fog and lots of humidity. Leeroy was unable to takeoff for sometime even after first light as the fog was to much at the airport. It cleared up on the salt flats and then soon Leeroy was on his way out to pick me up. He landed hooked the rope on and then when I put my visor down I could not see. I quickly had to take off my visor as it was all fogged up. We were now almost on the abort stage as the Glory was nealry overhead. I said go go go as leeroy was keen to go right then and there. As soon as we started towing the fog came out of knowhere again and soon I was barely able to see the end of the tow rope. I just followed the tow rope and soon we had clear vision again and when I looked to the right I saw the biggest wave of cloud I have ever imagined. It was some of the most heart beating moments I have ever spent in my harness. I was now towing against this cloud bank that looked like a 3,000ft high ski jump. The ground in front of us now was completly fogged over and I was starting to get a little scared. I knew there was a forest coming up so I just flew as fast as I could to the south to ensure when the fogged cleared that I had landings below me. I rode the cloud for 68kms and flew the cloud for 1hr and 40 mins. I had the time of my life and to experience it with my whole crew was just amazing. There was leeroy in the Dragonfly, Kieran in his Lancair and big Jon was up with Billo in the trike. I landed out in the middle of knowhere on a small dirt road where Leeroy was able to land the Dragonfly. The helicopter landed soon after to get some footage of us soaking up the glory moments on the ground. I then packed up and tied the glider to the helicopter skids and flew back to the Burketown. It was so awesome I had the best flight of my life followed by a helicopter retrive.
Leeroy and I in front of my retrieve
I arrived back at the airport to meet big Jon and the rest of the crew. It was huge smiles all around on my return.. Tomorow may be another one then it looks like a SE wind will be back to stop the Glories...
Soon I will be able to show you some pics from Red Bull but untill here are some more from Kieran.