Wednesday, June 24, 2009

All the GEAR and hopefully some IDEA..

Well after having a dry run today of setting my glider up on launch with everyone else I could see my Advantages. It is always amazing to come to a place like the Wolrd Championship and see the equipment the top pilots are flying with. This year I am one of them I have all the possible streamline features on my glider. After a quick walk around on launch I was feeling really good as there were not to many gliders that had the racing edge that mine has. Carbon Trailing Edge Inserts. There is only Atilla, Gerolf, and Andre with the keels and many with other forms of samurai swords. Nothing looked like it compared and there were many visits from Icaro Designer Christian and other top pilots admiring the new masterpiece that Moyes has created along with Theo. My Carbon keel from the back. Now that I have no excuses there is only one thing left to do..... You can guess what that is, Yep it is the same thing that many of us come here for to be the new World Champion. Stayed tuned as tomorrow looks to be a great day out with lighter SW winds predicted.