Tuesday, June 23, 2009

Worlds day 1

I woke up to bright blue skies and no wind and the voice of vicki saying wakeup it's day 1 of the worlds. Whilst eating some vegemite on toast out of knowhere came the wind. It took our plastic furniture set and blew it across the patio and a frown appeared on our faces. Bill and Molly in Sisteron. The wind continued to get stronger and stronger during the morning and by lunchtime it was upto 80kph on takeoff. The day was cancelled and we did some site seeing before returning home to a nice home cooked dinner with the Moyes family and Timothy my ever so kind driver. A walkway down to the river. Were hoping to wake up tomorrow and see less wind but Im not sure if that will be the case as it is still windy outside now 11pm. Were keeping our fingers crossed to get a fly in soon here to get this 17th World hang champs off and runnning. There are many hot and hungry contenders here so it will be a comp to keep focused and I have been told im not allowed to film. So unfortunately there probably wont be so much coverage of in air but will still try and get some interviews by winners for you all to watch with a quick rundown on the days events.