Tuesday, June 23, 2009

Worlds 2009 Opening Ceremony

Well it was the day before the Worlds and I just arrived the night before from Spain. The Mistral wind has set in so ne practice day for me it was just a day to register and get my glider measured and do the opening ceremony. I had an early christmas present today from vicki as she brought me a carbon keel that I have dreamed of having for many years. I was excited to fit this to my glider before meausuring the sprogs it looks amazing. My Keel from the side view. After a 2 hr mandatory safety meeting and Gerolf doing a speech on flying safely it was time to march or dance down the street with the a great band leading the way. Dancing down the street. We had a great dance through the street and there was so many people out to watch and cheer us on. After the Parade we had the speeches which was the only downfall as they seemed to take more than 1 hr and most of it in French. Listening to the speeches. There was a few drinks and nibbles inside the town hall after the speeches but most of the hall was filled with locals and non pilots. The food was gone fast so we went down the road for a quiet Chinese meal.