Monday, June 08, 2009

Spanish Nationals Day 3

Today was looking much better with lighter winds and blue skies. We arrived on launch and quickly set up to make sure we were fully prepared for the first round. After a Briefing we had about 30 mins before the window opened and I was on launch and waiting to make sure I did not get stuck. I launched 2nd and flew around bouncing off the inversion for awhile before heading over the back toward the start. Looking back at launch from the start gate. I waited for Blay and Ako to join me and we and most of the comp did the 3:15pm start and only a handfull took the earlier ones.I started on top and lead out into the first turnpoint and then got low and the others went gliding past me higher and more upwind. I found a strong thermal the best one of the day and climbed high and flew past them and found another good climb which the whole gagle joined me in. I topped out and glided off for the next mountain and found a light climb and stuck with it and Ako came in lower and hit a good one further down the ridge and managed to get on top of me. Blay joined us a little below me and we all climbed up. We all kept pushing on and now Ako was a 200 meters higher and was following the rigids who had finally just passed us. we all got low and went different directions Ako and I got the better of Blay and I was climbing in 4-500fpm about 1km behind Ako when he hit a boomer. I quickly dove off for him but somehow missed the climb and got low again on some small hills 7kms before the last turnpoint. Blay said that he got behind me 2900m which was 500 m higher than I got all dayand glided over me and into the last turnpoint above Ako. They were stuck ther for a little bit and I manged to get a good climb after groveling for awhile and came gliding in below them. They both headed off on final for goal and I had to stay and climb 500m before I could go on final. Blay was 1st with Ako 2 minutes behind then I was next in a little over 2 minutes behind Ako.Next fastest was Alvaro about 15 mins behind. Blay will score 856 Ako will score 849 Jonny will get 825 1st Day Champions Blay and Ako. Below is a video of today's flight.