Friday, June 05, 2009

Professional Driver

Well after a long sore drive from Madrid down to Baza in south of spain my back is still not well. I have been trying to rest my back as much as possible so that I will be able to fly the 9 day nationals which start tomorrow. The last 2 days I have become the professional driver for the Blay's. The area is great here very dry slightly windy and lots of olive trees. The takeoff is a mountain located in the middle of some flatlands and on oneside it has a lake with some pretty cool looking revines around it. The west launch. The weather has not been great but Blay Snr flew for 3 hrs yesterday and Blay test flew my glider and landed close to town for an easy retrieve. He said my glider was "unbelievable" and that I will have a good chance at the Worlds.:-) So looks like I have no excuses on the glider front and hopefully I will get to fly in the comp to fine tune it for the world's. Today I went to the Hospital after a couple of sleepless nights and got shot up with some drugs to try and get the pain to go away so that I can compete in the comp. It seems that there will a little of 50 pilots here in the comp so it is a great turn out and hopefully we will get some good weather and have some great task. Launch from the south. There is many underground houses here that are so cool. All you can see is a door and windows that go into the ground and many comunities are built like this. I tried to capture a pic today but most of them are off the road and I have not felt like walking to far lately. Todays video..