Sunday, June 07, 2009

Spanish Nationals Day 2

As I woke up this morning it was quite clear that the wind was still strong and there would no flying again today. I am getting very used to the Spanish lifestyle of going to sleep at 1-2am and then waking up at 10am for breakfast. This is the view from bedroom. You can see the moon like craters that surround the lake. Todays task was to visit the beach and try to see if we could do some windsurfing(well I was going to film). We rounded up the crew and loaded into our 9 seat mini bus and were beach bound. Here is a map of our little journey today. A nice out and return.
View Larger Map After a good hrs drive we made it to the beach but it was blowing about 35knts. They were not keen to let the boys hire any equipment so we had a look around then had some lunch at the beach. Here we are finally at the beach. The wind died down just a little and Ako talked the guy into having a quick go. After a few passes it was evident that it was not a good day for windsurfing. Both the Blay's had a go and eventually gave up. We then went to another beach and watched some kitesurfing and more windsurfing but there was no rental gear there. We have now just returned home and am going to have some dinner.