Wednesday, June 03, 2009

Spain is welcome to my visit

It was time to move on from suny California to sunny Spain. I boarded my flight to Miami and 5 hrs later was back in Florida a little bit of dejuvu there. I then boarded my AA flight to Madrid Spain and sat on the plane for the next 8 hrs. I arrived at 10am and Blay Jr was there to pick me up and take me back to their Arcones house at the base of one the best flying sites in the world. No wonder this guy has gotten so good so fast. We had a late breakfast and then un shortpacked my new glider. Alberto was also there and we loaded up to go flying as the clouds were poping over our heads at about 12,000ft. It was a little windy so we went to a different flying site just down the ridge where the takeoff is lower and has better wind protection for setting up the gliders. The guys are serious here and they set a 119kms task with 3 turnpoints and then landing back at home in Arcones. We had one start gate at 3:45pm and then race to goal. Blay Snr was first to launch followed by Ako (the current Spainish Champion) then me and Blay were last off the hill. We had a great day with good climbs and I have put together a video of the days flight so you can all see what sort of flying is to be had in Spain.