Wednesday, June 03, 2009

Spain Day 2

Well after a good night sleep I think I am over my jetlag and ready to win another day here against the locals..:-) We decide on flying from Arcones today as the wind is a little lighter and the site is much closer. Once up the hill we realise the wind is still strong but launchable and the day does not look as good as yesterday. The sky was blue and there only a few clouds way behind launch near Madrid. We decided on a 106kms task with 3 turnpoints and back to the LZ as we did not have retrieve today we could not afford to land out. I was first off the hill and wiated for the others to climbout before we started on course. Below is todays video and sorry about the colour in the video I somehow managed to change all the settings but is now fixed for the next flight. We have just arrived in Baza and cloudbase here today looked to be around 4,500m but unfortunately I managed to hurt my Back yesterday in the LZ. I was saving my glider from being destroyed and managed to put a rip through my top surface as well as doing damage to myself. I am barely walking and dont think I will fly the next couple of days unless something changes fast.:-( If nothing else I hope I will be fit and ready to fly the Worlds in 2.5 weeks.