Thursday, April 30, 2009

Florida day 3

Well after some wind checks it looks like we finally will fly. They set a short 77kms task 1 turnpoint along the way. It was still about 15-18knts so they decided on not having any start gates and that you could start when the winidow opened. This was a major advantage for those that towed early and started early as they were using the arrival goal points. Looking good. I towed up and climbed out with Andre and Glen volk then managed to loose them in the start gate as I was playing the hide and go seek game. This worked well and I started 12 mins after them but could never see them. I caught up to Davis and Carl who started 6 mins before after the 2nd glide and flew with them most of the way to goal. I got drilled on final and wasted at least 3-5 mins which cost me dearly in the end. Andre won the day in 53min with Dustin just 1 min behind and then I will be 3rd fastest at 56mins. Glen volk actually placed 3rd having an earlier start than me and gaining on arrival points. All but 4 pilots made goal and it was seriously under called but at least we got to fly. There were lots of cool aircraft at goal here are some below. This is an old helicopter. Andre with the DC3 Jonny Cam Day 1