Wednesday, June 11, 2008

Cloud Nine

Well after a huge party night at Highland Aerosports it was time to leave and head off for Cloud nine. Ben Drove me to the airport in DC where I boarded my flight for Lansing. When I arrived in detroit my connecting flight had been cancelled due to extreme weather conditions.
I called Tracy from Cloud nine and he kindly offered to drive the 1hr 30mins to pick me up. Once he got me we headed back for the flight park straight into the biggest storm I have seen in a long time. I know could see why the flight had been cancelled to Lansing.

Test flying Jims RS 4 at Cloud 9.

We quickly turned on the radio to find out how bad this was going to be. They were calling for Tornado's and 110kph gust front with heavy rain. The front of the cloud looked awesome but unfortunately I did not have my camera as I was unable to get my luggage when I left the airport.
We soon were hit with the storm and had troubles getting home with tress down everywhere and across many roads. We made it eventually.
I arrived at their beautiful flight park and was welcomed by Lisa into their lovely house. Tracy and Lisa looked after me really well with home cooked meals and a guest house to stay in. This was absolute luxury after camping for the last 10 days in Maryland.

Coming in for a spot landing next to the hangar.

The next day Tracy and I went to Lansing airport to pick up my bags then returned home where I put 2 zoom frames on their new Litespeed RS's. The weather was still not good but I managed to get 2 quick flights in about 8pm when the wind died down and just before it started raining again.

Getting ready to fly tracy's RS 4.

I then had one more home cooked meal by Lisa and then Tracy kindly drove me to the airport at 4am to catch my flight back to LA.
If your ever in this area you should drop in for a fly as they have all the facilities one could ask for at a flight park. They cater for all levels of skill and have highly qualified instructors and tow pilots.