Tuesday, June 03, 2008

ECC day 2 Dustin Wins..

After a hard day yesterday the task comittee decided on a shorter task of 65kms to try and get more pilots to goal. It was a lighter wind day with only a few wet looking whispy clouds floating past. It was a much easier day than expected and we actually got to start in a gaggle today of about 12 gliders. We raced to goal in slightly different courses and I ended up going the slow way. kevin and I split from the whole gaggle and went straight on course and was doing great before getting low and having to take light lift.

There are 14 gliders in this shot can you find them all?

Kevin was a little higher and headed off low and got a better climb which I did not get as well and he managed to catch up with Dustin. I followed low from behind and managed to reel them back in to within a couple of minutes. The day only got good on the last 2 thermals and the task was completed in 1hr.

Dustin is our champion today and this is what he has to say.