Tuesday, June 03, 2008

ECC Day 1

Climbing up above the airport with Sunny and Pete Lehman just below me.

Today was going to be difficult with lots of rain the day before and a crosswind task. The task was 87kms with one turnpoint and ending up near the coast at a small airstrip. I have decided to include a new feature to my blog which will be an interview with the Winner of each day. Task winner was somehow me beating Dustin, the only other pilot to make goal by nearly 1hr 30 mins.

Sunny hot on my keel at the start gate.

Jonny Wins Day 1

I talked to the owners of the airstrip and found they had some interesting things laying around. They do banner advertising up and down the beach at Ocean city which was only about 20kms away. Here are some of there toys they use.

Here is one of the toys the use for their banner advertising.

This car is from the 1930's I believe and was used in the Famous tv series called the Waltans in the 1970's.