Saturday, June 07, 2008

Day 5

Well the weather fined up a little but the lift was weak all day. I towed up and released from the tow rope at 2,000ft agl and headed out toward the edge of the start circle. Here is me on tow behind Zac. Unfortunately I did not hit another bump and glided all the way to the ground and landed just inside the start circle. I quickly packed up as I watched teh whole gagle fly over me on course for goal. I went back to the airfield and decided to fly again and see if I could make goal the 2nd time around. I did a little better but still ended up landing about 20kms short of goal in a field with Davis. Aparently my 2nd flight will not count as there is no reflying unless you land at the airstrip, however this rule was brought in after day 1 when Davis reflew and then did quite well. I still would have lost the lead to Dustin,but would only be 2 points behind him right now which is still a lot as the weather is not good and there is only 2 days to go. I returned for a 2nd time to the airpark and did some test flying and a little bit of Dragonflying to finish off the day. I caught up with dustin for his winning interview.