Saturday, June 07, 2008

ECC Day 6

Well today was even worse than yesterday with a low cloudbase to start and then becoming blue. Davis towed first and hung in the air so we all towed up eventually. I towed to 2,000ft then slowly circled my way down to 1,300 ft and joined a huge gagle. We maintained our heights but the gaggle only got bigger as people towed in above and slowly sunk out. The smart thing was to go back and land and get retowed and head straight on course as this would be higher than you could climb. I landed and towed again as did nearly everyone except for some early ones and stubborn ones like Davis who just kept working the light lift before landing 2 miles out from the airstrip. I started with dustin and Kevin and we slowly drifted getting climbs of 50 fpm to 1700 ft. I got the furthest of us making 13kms with dustin and Kevin just behind. About 30 minutes later Mark and Linda came boating over our heads around 2,000ft. Here is a video from the start gate. I caught up with Mark winner of day 6!