Wednesday, June 04, 2008

A fun time.

Look what happens when Jonny arrives!!

As soon as the day was cancelled another task was still on. The task comittee decided on going to a local nearby railroad bridge where you could jump off 30 feet into the calm river below.

The crew watching from the bridge.

We had to walk through the poision Ivy and tick infested bushlands to reach the goal.

One of the many Ticks that were found.

Once there we enjoyed watching the endless entertainment provided by the pilots and crew.
The only other people we saw were a school load of kids going down the river in canoes. Below is a shot I took looking through the railroad sleepers at one of the passing bye canoes.

One of my favorites!!

Adam does a backflip off the bridge.

The crew watching the action.

When we returned from the River someone found this Luna Moth in the flight park.