Sunday, June 08, 2008

ECC Last Day.

Today was looking better than previous days with thermals and some clouds. We decided on a 37 mile task to just short of the beach. The begining of the day was looking weak so we moved the times back 30 mins to allow for some more activity. I launched with Dustin right behind me and we climbed out in light lift.

It was so hot on the ground the dragonfly became the mobile airconditioner

I headed out toward the edge of the start circle with davis while dustin stayed back. We hit a climb but were to late for the 2nd start so had to hang out for the last start.
Dustin managed to climb up and start right along side me and we flew together most of the way. I kept trying to get away from him but with the light lift and lack of clouds apart from one obvious line which Dustin was flying under.

The line up waiting for some thermals.

About 20kms out from goal I did a long glide passing Dustin who had just hit a good climb to my left. I went through light lift on glide but knew I needed to get a strong climb to beat him so i kept charging along. It was when I got down to 500ft that I realised maybe I was not going to get the climb I was looking for and had to scratch in light lift to get back up.
I saw Dustin come over my head 2,000 ft higher and knew my comp was over.Here is a video of me explaining the situation as it unfolded.

There were about 15 pilots in goal with Dustin winning the day ahead of Sunny and me.Sunnny beat Kevin by a good 15-20 minutes so he should move into 3rd place.