Sunday, September 25, 2005

Canungra Classic Begins

Hi well after a long two weeks of flying before the comp it finally started yesterday. There are about 70 pilots here competing from all over Australia and even the world. We had an opening ceremony friday night and we were all blessed with a 6 feet wedge tailed eagle that flew in and opened the comp. Today he might even be our windtech on launch then the owner will try to go for a tandem flight so that he for the first time will be able to soar with his eagle. Well the first day brings us light nw winds so we all raced up to mount Tamborine and set up and prepare for battle. The task comittee consisting of Rohan, Davo and I set a 72km semi trianlge with goal being just in front of takeoff for a nice short retrieve. The Climax boys all started at 12:30pm and then Atilla, Dave seib and I among many others did the 12:45pm start at around 3,000 ft. After a couple of thermals Atilla and I were out in front leading our start, then infamous Dave comes blazing back in below us and climbed up to our height in a good thermal. We decide to cross over to the next ridge where the c4 boys will climbing up some 10kms still from the first TP. I came in about 500 ft below them and hit a 700up and climbed straight through them and the inversion for the first time getting to 4,500 ft. We all topped out and then made another valley crossing to the TP finding a 500 up about 3kms short we all stopped and topped up again. I lead out to the TP then once I rounded I went back to the ridge where I hit another good climb. Dave seib came in just below me and kept heading up the ridge toward the 2nd TP getting lower and lower untill bang he hits agood one. By the time I get there he is about 500 ft higher than me and pushed on again I hung back a little then he hit another good one just down the ridge, so I pushed on and cstarted climbing up below him. The rest of the gaggle had gotten high behind us and will now catch up and come in at the same height as me 10kms from the last TP. Dave pushed on low to the last TP and also Atilla who was out in the valley a little more. I followed and rounded the last TP then I saw dave hit another good climb a couple of kms after the Tp so I quickly glided there but was now about 1500 ft below him and Atilla. We all crossed onto mount Mahomet but did not get any lift untill the foot hills on the NE side where Davo Staver who had been out in front all day after an earlier start hit a good climb. By the time I got there it was not that good but was forced to climb as we were anticipating a sea breeze at goal. We all went on one more glide toward the Chicken shed ridge and found a climb about 10kms out from goal. Dave seib was first to go on final and beat Atilla in by over 3 minutes with Davo next in followed by Cameron tunbridge, Adam parer then me some 6 minutes behind Dave seib. I think there were 11 pilots that made goal including Rohan holtkamp, John Stricland, tony G and Missy. Well that is all for today it is time to go fly the 2nd task now.