Tuesday, August 17, 2010

Rio De Janeiro

Well it has been one hectic week having spent 55hrs on aeroplanes been in 3 countries and have had little sleep. The only good part is that I am back in Brazil one of my favourite places in the world for many reasons.
The weather has not been great the last few days since I arrived here and today was the first flying day. Dave and I are here for the comp in Brasilia and today finally got to test our gliders at the famous Sao conrado.
It was raining a lot of the morning and we were thinking it was not a great day for flying but it changed fast.
I took off after many did not want to go as it had been awhile since pilots were staying up. The rain had cleared and I was keen to get in the air. I launched along with a stream of pilots as I hit a light climb in front of launch.
I got up a little and crossed over the valley towards the east heading for the Cristo. I climbed on the other side and waited for the others.
Dave had decided to go the other way to Pedro Bonita to try and climb out but arrived low and did not get the climb.
The others climbed up to me and soon we were at base and heading to a place that only a few people in the world have seen by hang glider.
The rest you can see on the video below as It is to hard to describe in words..