Friday, July 16, 2010

Europeans Day 4

After some low clouds early this morning they lifted and weset a challenging 112km task. I was nearly last to launch again and climbed out but did not take the 1st start as I was not in a great postion.
I waited for the next start gate and was in an even worse spot but I had no choice but to go as I knew we would struggle with the seebreeze at goal. Just about everyone did the 2nd start. I flew only 13kms downwind in the first 30 mins of my flight. I started low and just had to scratch my way to the first turnpoint.
Heading back to the hills from the 1st turnpoint. I eventually met up with Carl, Primoz and a few others and we pushed hard trying to catch the lead gaggle. Just before the 2nd turnpoint we hit a good thermal on the flatlands which allowed us to go straight line. We caught up a lot of time on the pilots that did the 1st start gate. I managed to come gliding into the lead gaggle now at the 2nd turnpoint and we all climbed slowly as we were in high ground. I started pushing with Carl and a few others to try and get my leading points up as I had been so far behind for the first half of the flight. We ended up in a gaggle of about 30 pilots 40kms from goal. The gaggle spilt into 2 as we broke away from the others. My glider was going well in comparison to others in the headwind. Gerolf was gliding the best like usal and he had control of the gaggle. I heard that there was quite strong wind headwind at goal so I was conservitive on final and that cost me some places but I still finished 8th 46seconds behind Gerolf who will win the day.
Gerolf 1st, Mario second, looking happy at goal. Pilots kept slowly coming into goal for the next hour or so and a total of 44 pilots made the challenging task.
Here is Day 4's video