Tuesday, July 13, 2010

Europeans Day 1

The task comittee consisting of Gerolf,Pedro and I came up with a 134km task with 4 turnpoints. The task took us back into the big mountains and gave us some breath taking views along the course. The flying around launch was difficult and many times I found myself way below the gaggle and launch. We waited for the last start at 3:30pm hoping for the weather to get better. At the time of the last start I was no more than 200m off the ground infront of launch and thought my day was coming to an end. I hit a dust devil over the landing field and climbed back out to around 6,000ft. I was now 15 mins late in the start and could see the others in outer space about 10kms in front of me. All of a sudden a gaggle joined me which had Attila, Martin,Primoz and few other good pilots. I was now a little happier knowing that we had a good gaggle to push along with. I was flying with 2 sets of instruments and a camera on my basebar and I felt like a tourist all day. I was thinking half way along the course that I was coming about 60th for the day and I was just trying to push with Attila and Martin to catch up. I made a good moove 3/4 of the way along doing a long glide and not stopping untill I hit a good thermal. I rounded the 3rd turnpoint with 20kms to go I could see the first pilot crossing goal below me. I thought Ohh my ive really been flogged. I did a glide out in the valley and was rewarded with a 500fpm climb with Attila. Alex and many others came in below us and we left on final at 11:1. We rounded the last turnpoint then headed back for goal and our glide was now down to 8:1. I manged to cross the line I think 11th but there were a few that had started 30 mins before me. I should finish up somewhere in the top 10, which is a great result considering the bad start. I think Balazs will win the day finishing about 15 mins in front of me. I believe there were about 30 pilots in goal with some very good pilots not there. Blay did not make it or Christain Ciech. I flew for 5 hrs and at this rate I will be dead by the end of this 12 day comp. Unfortunatley My camera was flat so there will be no Video for today but I promise you that you will see some amazing videos this week.. Stay tuned.