Monday, August 02, 2010

Pre Worlds Task 1

WIth moderate NE winds they set a 103km task with 5 turnpoints ending up back in Sigillo goal. There is 145 pilots in the competition and an open window with 4 launch lanes. I took off mid field and climbed out after some passes on launch and headed out to the big gaggle. I climbed up and then got scared a little so I headed out onto the flats with Carl and Flocky. We were in goo dposition for the 1st start but the day did not look good enough and not enough pilots did the start. I waited for the next start 20 mins later had a good start with quite a few others getting a good run to the 1st and 2nd turnpoint. I then went down the valley straight line to the 3rd TP which caught me a lot of time and we caught the 1st starters at the 3rd turnpoint. I was then in front a bit with Manfred as we glided back past launch along the ridge without stopping. The gagle hit a 700 fpm climb behind us and could see us groveling low infront. Manfred pushed on one more valley and I was happy to stay with what I had as there was not so much landing and I did not know what was around the corner. He hit a climb so I quickly dove off there with Blay who did the 1st start and we climbed up in a 300fpm climb. The gaggle came gliding in on us some above and some below and then the thermal kicked to 600fpm. We did the 4th turnpoint at 6,000ft and then headed into the the airspace which was set to 6,000ft. Mario was infront with Andre wolf going into the last turnpoint with Manfred and I not far behind them. They glided back towards goal and hit a thermal I saw Manfred just keep gliding past them and I did the same as there was like a convergence line. I picked a good line and was slowly realing Manfred in on final but could not get him before the goal cyclinder. Manfred was 1st in 13 secs infront of me then Andre about 30 seconds behind followed closely by Mario. Many pilots made goal probably about 100 which made for a good first day.