Wednesday, July 14, 2010

Europeans Day 2

Today's forecast was for slightly stronger winds and lower ceiling. We set a 91km task and as it turns out was far to short. I waited on launch for a long time as it was not so great and pilots were even landing in front of us. I finally took off and climbed out and did the 2nd start with just about everyone. I went left of course and had a good run with Martin, Primoz and others. We were in the lead gaggle and I was pushing hard but made a mistake after the 1st turnpoint. I tried to head more headwind to get under some clouds but never got the lift and the rest of my gaggle went on courseline and hit some good thermals. I spent the next 20 mins catching back up and finally caught then just after the 2nd turnpoint. I was with Gerolf and he kept going on glide for the last turnpoint and I detoured to the others as they were climbing but not fast. As soon as I got there Blay saw Gerolf flying past and followed him and I was very indecisive on what to do. I stayed for awhile but the thermal never kicked and soon left for the last turnpoint. The others stayed back and climbed untill they saw me climbing just before the last turnpoint. I topped up and went on final glide at 10:1 and made it easy. Gerolf will win the day with Blay coming 2nd and me 3rd. 70 pilots made goal and about 50 or more were within 20 mins of the winners score. Was a great racing day and tomorrow it is supposed to be even better. I will move into 4th place behind Gerolf, Balazs and Gordon. MOyes boys are going well having 8 in the top 10 after 2 days of flying. Here is todays video.