Tuesday, August 03, 2010

pre Worlds Task 2

A 101 km task was set more or less an out and return landing in the goal field in Sigillo. I did the 1st start on top of the gaggle and was leading out with Manfred and Alex for the 1st few glides.
I got to the 1st turnpoint just behind manfred but we were low and I hit a light climb so I stopped. him and others kept gliding low into the hills and hit a climb. When I got there I missed it and had to scratch to stay in the air for about 15-20 mins.
I lost the lead guys and spent the rest of the day chasing from behind. I had a good 2nd leg pushing hard with Andre and Carl but was not enough to close the gap. The last turnpoint was in a crazy spot with no landings and many pilots were not happy with the task.
I finished 15 mins behind Manfred and lost 140 points to him but will only loose 1 place to Andre who finished not far in front of me.
80 pilots made goal and the Italians took the top 3 spots for the day as local knowledge played a big part in the task.
Here is Task 2 video