Tuesday, January 19, 2010

Bogong Cup day 4

Today was looking like the first day we were going to fly. They decided on Mt Emu for the takeoff so we raced up there and set up. The task was a 103kms with 3 turnpoints before returning back down the valley to goal at Mt Beauty Airstrip. I pushed on launch and got off and climbed out with Trent to 6,500ft asl. I quickly raced off down the ridge to try and make the second start. I got drilled 2 minutes before the start and was forced to stay back and do the last start with most everyone else. I had an average start but got away from most of the gaggle apart from Zac who was in front of me and charging. He rounded the 1st turnpoint about 4kms in front of me and went straight line in the valley to the 2nd turnpoint. I went back to the main ridge and had a good run along to the 2nd turnpoint. Zac got low and landed at the 2nd turnpoint just as I was coming in there. I hit a thermal and climbed back out a bit before racing back down the ridge to the last turnpoint. I had a couple of good thermals and glided out into the valley to get the last turnpoint. I came back a little low and took a slow climb as I knew I was a long ways in front of the others. I flew slowly back towards goal just making sure that I did not do anything stupid and land. I did final from about 12kms out at 9:1 glide with a 8knt crosswind and made goal easy. I won the day (or should I say Batman) finishing about 12 minutes in front of Swiss Nick who crossed just before Rohan holtkamp in 3rd. I had my mascot Batman flying with me all day today stuck in my front wires with his arm out and his cape flying. About 15 pilots made goal which was impressive considering the average conditions along the course. BOGONG CUP RESULTS Here is today's video I hope you enjoy.