Monday, January 04, 2010

Forbes Day 2

Day winners from Task 1 Zac $250, Lucas $150 and Atilla $100 thanks to the Computer store in town.
Today was looking good with clouds starting early and streeting to the horizon. The task committee came up with a 194km dogleg task to Bookham on the Hume highway.
I towed quite late again and was not in position for the first start so I made sure that I was there for the 2nd start 20 mins later. I was with Blay and quite a few others but they were more to our east and had a much better start than us.
Looking Back at Forbes from the start gate.
I just kept charging hard getting some good slimbs of up to 800fpm to around 7,000ftasl. I managed to get away from Blay half way to the turnpoint and kept charging for gliders in front of me.
I made the turnpoint and headed straight down courseline. I soon found myself in a blue hole as the cloud I was going for died. I managed to find a 600fpm climb which I did not take to the top but just high enough to get me to the next good clouds.
I came in below Conrad and Swiss nick about 95kms out from goal and chased them down in the next glide. I could see a few more gliders in front and was slowly catching them up. I came in below Zac about 50kms out from goal and I could see Atilla and Carl just ahead and at base.
I found some strong climbs of 1,000fpm and soon came gliding in just below all 3 of them 35kms out from goal. We all glided off into the blue and Zac found another climb about 22ks short of goal.
I came in below him and the others but kept going as I had the numbers for goal. they all followed and soon we were all racing kneck and Kneck. Atilla was the highest then Carl and zac were just above me.
The positions changed a little on final glide but in the end Atilla was first in and I beat Zac in by a few seconds with Carl just behind him.
Gliders at goal.
Looks like I will win the day as Atilla and Carl did the 1st start and Zac will be a very close 2nd with Swiss nick arriving a couple of minutes later taking out 3rd for the day.
A very happy Zhenya at goal after flying her longest distance.
There were many personal best today including Jonas, Zhenya,Ant, Timmy and many more. Also there were some floaters that made there 56kms task to grenfell with Luke doing his 2nd XC flight and making goal on his new Malibu.
Day 2 video