Friday, January 08, 2010

Forbes Day 6

With moderate NE winds and the forecast for it to back off we set a 130km triangle task. I launched early and flew around for 1.5 hrs before I eventually started at 2:20pm. Attila and Blay had done the first start and I decided to hang back as I saw Zac and many others were not there. I had an average start and just followed the gaggle to the turnpoint and slowly worked my way to the top. We all arounded the first turnpoint and I raced off in front marking thermals for Zac, gerolf and Jeff. They kept coming in above me and about 35kms from the last turnpoint they left at base about 1,000ft above me. I decided to go more upwind for a cloud and it paid for me and I got a strong 800fpm climb to 8,000ft. I was now above the others and was pushing hard to Catch Attila and Blay who were still 9kms in front of me. Blay kept telling me where they were and I was slowly catching them as I got closer to the finish. I rounded the last turnpoint and flew upwind to goal under blay but did not get his lift. I then detoured a little and found a 700fpm climb and topped out before going on final at 8:1. I made it easy crossing goal at 5ft and doing about 120kph. I was 4th across the line and it will be enough for me to win the day in 2hrs 17 mins. Balazs will be second having a slighty faster time but doing the last start. Gerolf will be 3rd for the day finishing 5 mins behind me. Zac came in 10 mins behind me and will loose 120 points to me but is still 215 points in front. I now have 265 points on Attila who is in 3rd place. About 45 pilots goal today which is exactly what we wanted. A nice easy day with many in goal and an early night as we still have 4 more days to go with no rest. I think this might be the longest comp I have competed in ever without a rest day or a day off due to bad weather. Unfortunately I forgot my camera today so I did not get to make you a video of the days flight. Apparently I fly better with out the camera Im told but I know you all love the videos so much that I will do my best to keep them coming. I do however have a comp to win and I am behind so they maybe a little shorter on the days to come..:-)