Sunday, January 03, 2010

Forbes Day 1

Day 1 Results Today was looking quite difficult and it was the usal story of Day 1 blues. There was a last minute task change due to overdevelopment near the goal. I waited untill last to tow up as it was not looking so great and I did not want to get blown through the start gate. It was a great plan but soon after I found myself in the situation I was trying to avoid. I managed to do the 2nd start gate but started well below the main gaggle but I knew I could not hang out for another start. I left with Lucas and Lenny and headed down course line hitting light climbs. I got low several times as it was strong crosswind heading to the first turnpoint. I nearly landed at the turnpoint but had a very low save and climbed back out. I now was like 10kms behind the lead gaggle and Zac from the start behind me had just come in above me. I knew that I should really now just make sure I get to goal as I was going to be slow for the day. I was flying with Davis, Conrad and zac for about 35kms before heading straight down course line while the others detoured for the lead gaggle. I did a long glide and soon found myself kicking the tree tops again. I scratched back up and eventually made goal a few minutes behind the lead gaggle. Zac looks like he will win the day as he had 20 mins on the rest of us. The fastest man from the 2nd start.
About 20 pilots or more made goal and it was a sucessful first day with some very challenging flying.
There were a lot of Moyes Boys in the goal field today.

Here is today's video..