Wednesday, January 06, 2010

Forbes Day 4

With lighter winds predicted the task committee came up with a 122km out and return task. We started much earlier today with the last start being at 2pm. Briefing.

I launched early and spent 2 hrs flying before I even started the task. I had a reasonable start and soon found myslef out in front with Carl, Balazs and Gerolf. Gerolf went downwind and in the blue and us 3 went more upwind through the blue hole. We had a reasonable run and arived at the turnpoint at 10,000ft before turning and heading home.

Gliders lined up at launch. It was a bit of struggle but eventually ahd a few good climbs and went on final glide. I arrived 40 seconds behind Balazs and 7 minutes behind Gerolf. It will be enough to move me into 2nd overall and only 40 points behind Zac who is stil leading. I think nearly 40 pilots made goal and everyone was home early for a change. Todays Video.