Saturday, January 09, 2010

Forbes Day 7

Another great day at Forbes with a 141km zig zag task. 40 pilots made goal and the winner was from the 2nd start completing the task in 2hrs 12 mins. I did well starting on the 1st clock with Blay and was first into goal and place second for the day in 2hrs 17 mins. It was a fantastic day out in Forbes with 1,000fpm climbs and cloudbase around 9,000ftasl. Zac went down today at the 1st turnpoint which means I will move into 1st place and Attila will move to 2nd with Zac still in 3rd. Balazs and Gerolf are very close behind Zac. I will make the video of the flight in the morning when I wake up so you can see how much fun we had today. Day 7 Video.