Thursday, August 20, 2009

Brasilia day 4

After a long task yesterday and cirrus cloud covering the sun they set a 113km task with 3 turnpoints. No one wanted to be the first to takeoff as the wind was very cross and light with few cycles coming through.
Haroldo the comp Director.
Eduardo was the first to go and he scratched for awhile before hitting a good thermal in front of launch. Everyone started to launch and climb out below him. I ended up on top of the stack and at a low altitude I dove over the back onto the platau for a dust devil.
I never got the thermal and spent the next 20 mins staying in the air just above the platau. dorival joined me low and we ended having to glide back 1.5kms for the start getting there at 400m off the ground.
We then glided straight downwind for a tractor where we had just come from and hit a thermal at 200m. This thermal kicked to 800 fpm and we climbed high and were now in front of everyone who had started on the ridge.
Dorival climbing out with me in a strong thermal just before the lake.
I got under the clouds and was pushing hard in front of everyone to the 1st turnpoint but then got stuck there and caught up by Dustin, Nene and a few others. It was a short 12kms to the 2nd turnpoint and I went more to the left upwind and hit a climb just 2kms before the turnpoint with Dave seib.
Dave headed out for the last turnpoint and found a good climb just 3kms from it and we came in below him. I topped out did the turnpoint and went more to the left and had a good run at cloudbase for 10kms.
Everyday Dustin and I do about 5 interviews at launch and goal. It is not so easy doing them in Portuguese.
I passed Dave he was low and climbing and I had to divert more to the left downwind for another cloud with Michel. We hit a 400 fpm climb and took it until we had final height.
I was a little scared for final as we had a crosswind and the last few days there has been good sink just before goal. I left just behind Michel but went more to the right upwind for a cloud that was forming just in case I needed to top up.
As it was we hit good air and Michel who went straight line arrived first at goal with Dave seib who must have passed me somewhere will finish second about 20 seconds in front of me.

A traditional meeting of Gauchos in the goal field

Dustin will finish 4 mins behind me so we will be pretty much tied for first place now. I think about 20 pilots made goal today and only about 5 crashed in the goal field.;-)