Wednesday, August 19, 2009

Brasilia day 3

Having internet problems here in Brasil so the updates are a little slow. 139km task with 4 turnpoints a later start due to the Ambulance not being at takeoff and less clouds. I started good was alone for the first 60kms then met up with Nene and flew with him for the rest of the task. We were in front of everyone and the day was running out due to the late start. We left a light climb at the forest hoping to get one more thermal before the day shut down but it never happened and we landed in a small field 26kms short of goal. A gaggle that was climbing low below us in our last thermal all came gliding over but most turned around for better landings and only a few went a couple of kms further. I flew for 4.5hrs landed in a field with grass 8 feet tall with Nene. After he landed he said to me you are crazy why did you land here, I said I did not want to give up and obviously you did not either. He wanted to turn around and fly back to the better landings where most of the gaggle landed. Dustin was only about 600m behind me so he will still be wining and I am in 2nd abot 50 points behind him.