Tuesday, April 21, 2009

A long day but sucessful day

After not getting our gliders on friday we were fully prepared over the weekend with one thing left to do. We woke up early monday morning and made some phone calls to see if our gliders were ready and got nothing but message banks. Kraig and I decided that we would make the 1.5 hr drive into LA in hopes that we would get a call saying our gliders had cleared customs and were ready for pick up. We arrived there and still no phone call so we went inside and asked for Paddy kraigs broker. After 30 mins of waiting with our arms crossed she finally came out and told us that they were not officially cleared but she had made some arrangments so that we could take them away as she knew how important it was for us to get them. We loaded up then met with Konrado and Stella where we loaded his glider and gear into the truck and raced back to Kraigs shop. We then unloaded the 14 boxes and seperated all the spares and put the gliders together that were going to Florida. After 5 hrs of working the truck was finally loaded up and Ben Dunn and Konrado were on there way to Florida at 7:30pm. The truck all loaded up. I then packed my sail up so that I could take it on the plane with me tomorrow morning to florida. Below what is worth more money the Porsce Targa 4S or the loaded truck with gliders?