Monday, February 02, 2009

Manilla day 3

Well today was looking good with a forecast over development later we set a shorter task out to the flatlands. Our Mongrel team decided to launch from a different spot than everyone else and it worked great for us. The day was kinda hard early and we did the first start which did not turn out well for us as the 2nd leg was hard when you got low and many pilots that started later caught us up or even beat us into goal. I have a made a video for you all to watch so I hope you like it and sorry for making it so long but there was stuff that needed to be in there. One of the Russian Pilots tumbled his Aeros today and I tried to film it but unfortunately I was a little to far away for My little Cannon SD 870. One thing that I did not know at the time was how he separated from his glider. After looking at his broken glider tonight I notice broken back wires, side wires and keel but the front wires were still attached. This would make it impossible for him to separate from the glider. The pilot said through broken english the glider was trying to kill me and cut the bridal so I threw the glider away. Apparently he managed to unhook the front wires the only thing holding him to the glider and pushed it away at about 800ft agl. I was amazed on how much slower he came down after he threw the glider away. He landed only about 20 metres from the glider very soflty and has no injuries. This shows that you can never stop thinking about what needs to be done even when you are in a situation like this.