Tuesday, November 25, 2008

Gulgong Classic Day 1

Well After a cold wet and windy day we woke up to sunny skies and a moderate SW wind blowing.The task committee wanted to make a long task as they wanted to make the most of the conditions we have as the weather is going to be up and down for the week. After some discussion a 207kms task was set with one turnpoint to keep people following the road north to a small town just SE of Narrabri. The wind was about 15 knts and turned out to be crosswind most of the day making for a difficult task. I started at 1:15pm and headed off on course trying to stay upwind for the first leg of 52kms. I went past nearly everyone apart from Bruce Wynne who I met at the turnpoint. He got low on the hills just after the TP and I flew over his head and kept going by myself. I flew trying to stay close to course line but kept getting blown downwind and this became even harder to do as we were now heading more crosswind on the 2nd leg of 155kms. About 70kms out from goal I spotted another glider about 4kms downwind of me so I decided to fly over to him as it had been along time since I had seen another pilot. It turned out to be Chris Jones who I had actually left with and had not seen for the last 150kms. We flew together for the next 50kms the I went more upwind to make for a easier final glide to goal. He went straight and landed 11kms short of goal. I hit a light thermal and could afford to drift with it before getting enought height to make goal. Not long after Curt Warren came in who started at 1pm and will be the only other to make goal. Just as we were leaving goal we saw one glider land about 2kms short which turned out to be Bruce wynne. Many pilots had trouble getting away on the first tow which meant some pilots did not leave until around 3pm making it impossible for them to complete the course.