Sunday, February 01, 2009

Manilla day 1

The NSW State Tittles was shaping to be one of the best comps of the year. There is just over 50 pilots here and weather looks like it will turn on for the whole week. I set a task today of 107kms, an FAI triangle that will bring us back to launch. I took off first and climbed out while many others scratched up from low including Blay and Ant. Our whole team was up at cloudbase before most of anyone else had even taking off. Gabor and Ant did the first start at 2pm and were out front charging.Blay and I did the 3rd start at 2:30pm and were leading out from the gaggle. We both got to the trunpoint side by side and even caught up with Ant on his Sonic 165 was a Mongrel of a thermal there. Blay and I then split up and we both got a little low but I managed to get a 1000 fpm climb and got in front. I did a long glide toward the 2nd turnpoint and got low and circled in crap to stay in the air. I noticed Blay come over the top of me high and round the last turnpoint heading home. I followed from lower but he got a good climb 25kms out from goal and I arrived low and took sometime before getting the strong core. Once I topped out I headed for goal and arrived 6 mins after Blay coming 2nd for the day. It was a great day and many pilots made goal and Ant flying his sonic landed only 4 kms short from goal. He flew for 5 hrs and doubled his personal best flight and doing it in a triangle made for even more glory. For the Results CLICK HERE