Wednesday, November 26, 2008

Gulgong Clasic day 2

Today was not looking so good with a 10-15knnt east wind and a funky looking sky, we decide to hold off for a task. At 12pm we set a 100km task downwind to Wellington then goal at Yeoval. I went for a quick testfly on Blay's new glider before hoping in the line up and towing up. Preparing to test fly.. I decided to do the first start with Flocky and a few others,starting at 5,500 ft. I headed towards the mountains and was rewarded with a light climb back to 5,000ft. I dove over the back of the hills and got a little low before hitting a 700 fpm climb to 6,000ft asl. There were a few clouds and some shade in front of me so I took it slow and detoured to the north of the Turnpoint for the only cloud in reach. I was rewarded with a good climb and then headed back to get the Turnpoint. I could see the others not far behind me now as the sky was looking better behind me. I rounded the turnpoint then headed for the hills west of Wellington and found a 300 fpm climb. A cloud formed a few kms ahead on the flats so I left and headed there getting drilled on the glide but when I arrived the thermal was a solid 500fpm. As I climbed it got stronger and eventually turned into a solid 800 fpm climb, so I took it to 7,500ft 25kms out from goal. I went on final and flew at 120kph all the way to goal under some good clouds. The weather was just getting good and we could now proabably fly another 100kms. I think all but a handful pilots made goal with me winning the day in 1hr 47 mins. Flocky will be second 7 mins behind me and then I think Blay who did the second start will be third.