Monday, January 19, 2009

Bogong Cup task 2

Today it was off to our favourite sit Mt Buffalo. We set a 126 kms task with the first turnpoint taking us right into the high country to Mt feather top. We then had to go to Mt porepunkah then to dederang Gap and back to Mt beauty Airstrip for a total of 126kms. Gliders on launch. I decided to start in a different spot with Curt about 10kms south of the main gaggle as we had an entry start gate. We did the first start and blazed our way to the 1st turnpoint arriving nearly 10kms in front of the main gaggle.I was in front of Curt and was off to the 2nd turnpoint where I got low and had to scratch around for about 10 mins before finally getting up. Curt came in high over my head and was off in front to the last turnpoint. The gaggle was now getting closer to me but still about 5kms behind. The top 3 Curt and Michi climbing out in the gorge at Mt Buffalo. I was chasing Curt down and I managed to get high about 10kms before the last turnpoint. Curt was about 5kms in front of me and when he did the turnpoint he went west onto the hills instead of east to the Kiewa range. I did the turnpoint and went east and was now back in front but the gaggle was closing in slowly. Looking back north from the 1st Turnpoint. Curt quickly jumped the valley and was now with the gaggle just behind me. I was being a little patient just trying to stay high to make sure that I would still win the day. I went on final glide and was first in by nearly 2 mins over the Birthday boy Ollie. Curt was next in followed closely by Swiss Nick. lukas was next in then a break before gerolf arrived about 10 mins after me. A picture of me crossing goal at 115kph thanks to Tony Kenney. It was a great day out flying and about 15-20 made goal.