Wednesday, January 28, 2009

Brazil Nats

Well after 4 days of flying in Brazil the comp has come to an end. It appears that many of the top pilots landed within 500 m of goal on the first day blowing their final glides. The flying was obviously tricky there as the racing pilots struggled to do well. The last day was windy and many of the pilots decided not to fly despite the meet director not canceling the day. This happens a lot in Brazil and unfortunately it was a 1000 point day so those that did not fly got drilled on the scores. It was amazing to see that the ones that did not fly were the top pilots who realised that being safe was their main priorty and not results. Congratulations to Marcelo Ferro flying his Moyes Litespeed RS 4 placing very well on all of the days to take out the comp. For the full results including Dustin the only Gringo you would need to click on the SUPER RACE RESULTS.