Wednesday, June 25, 2008

Pre Worlds

I believe the Pre Worlds start today over in Larange, France.
There seems to be about 100 pilots there including the current World Champion Atilla Bertok. If you want the latest information on what is happening there you can go to the official Blog HERE.
Or they have a website at

Here is a pic of launch from above looking north along the ridge

Sounds like there has been some carnage already in the test flying days with people not launching correctly. This is one site that you must get it right on or otherwise you might not be around to tell the story. I flew at this site in 2001 and was amazed on how good flying was and how many dust devils there were on launch. This will be where the most carnage will happen once the north winds kick in the dust devils are everywhere.
Keep checking the sites above as the action unfolds over in beautiful France.