Wednesday, July 25, 2007

Hang Out

Well after 3 task at the Hang out comp in oregan I am having fun. The first day was good conditions except for a fire that ended up stopping the task due to aerial bombing.

On launch at the pilots briefing.

day 2 was a 70kms task with 11 pilots making goal I was doing good and then got low with dustin 7kms from goal and had to scratch for ages while many pilots flew over our head. I got down to 125m and dropped off dustin before finding a climb on a gentle sloping hill. Felt like i was taking off from the training hill and thermalled up.

Jeff doing the Jonny pose as he calls it!!

Today the tas was 66kms and I managed to win the day flying 30kms. Most pilots only flew 10kms and the day was not that valid. I landed next to the big fire fighting helicopters. They informed me that I was actullay in their restricted zone that was in force still from the fire on sunday. I ended up getting along well with the guys and met one of the helicopter pilots that named Elvis the big heli bomber in Australia.

Launch looking west down the valley!!

The guys here have been looking after us great they have a nice house on about 5 acres just at the base of the hill. We return home there to food and drinks a swimming pool,music and a great vibe.
Considering they have never run a hang gliding comp they are getting used to the different types of people we are compared to their usual paraglider pilots..

We will have the TFR in place tomorrow so that means it will

be hard to run a good task due to our limitations.