Sunday, July 29, 2007

Jonny wins!!

Well after the last task of 64kms Jeff (INFAMOUS) Obrien won the day 3.5 minutes ahead of me and will gain 80 points on me for the day. 8 pilots made goal and there were many smiling faces to end this great little comp. This means that I will beat him by 21 points after 7 days of flying which is super close. Jeff flew really well in Arizona when I was there and now after watching him flying here there is no doubt in my mind that he should be flying for the USA in Big Spring. I had lots of fun at this comp and Mike,Gale and crew have looked after us really well with dinners,drinks and parties not to mention all the facilities. This area was a very challenging place to fly and I learned a lot more than I was expecting. Some of the task were short but we flew everyday with some race days,some rough days ( nearly everyday) and some very challenging days. For the results of the Hang ON Comp click HERE