Sunday, July 29, 2007

DAY 4, 5 , 6

day 4 Today was a short race to goal with very stable conditions. The task was 27kms long and only 6 pilots completed the course. Once again OB won the day 2 minutes ahead of me and dustin was 3rd 5 minutes behind me. Mike and Gale decided to throw us a big party with lots of magaritas and a BBQ dinner. There was lots of laughter and everyone throughly enjoyed themselves untill the next morning. I for one was really sick and almost did not fly the 5th task. Day 5 A little better conditions and a 62kms task was set in the shape of a M. Was still a hard day and only 3 pilots made goal with me winning in just under 2 hrs and Jeff (OB) was 3 minutes behind followed by Zippy seconds behind him. My glider seems to be going great we all left for a 23kms final glide and I managed to pull 3 minutes on Jeff and I got there much higher. This could be the winning glider... Day 6 Today was a little windier and supposed to have stronger climbs and higher lift. Was another late launch with the start gate at 3:15pm a 96kms task was set. The first part of the task was easy but once we got close to the 2nd turnpoint we hit some serious rotor and it proved very difficult for many people to reach as most of the turnpoints are on top of the hill. This means you can almost make it but not enter the cylinder unless you are high enough. I managed to get the 2nd and was leading pretty good until getting low after the 3rd turpoint dave Scoot and Rob flew over my head high and got the 4th turpoint then landed soon after. I decided to be patient asd got high rounded the 4th and headed to the 5th TP and got up from low in the convergence. I was blessed with a smoothe climb all they way upto 8500 ft the highest I have been since the first day. I rounded the 5th and headed for the 6th the glided to goal and made it easy. I was the only flex wing to make it and about 25 minutes later Tom came in on the Atos but he missed the goal closing time by under 1 minute and will get only distance points. I get 1000 points for the day and will be enough for me to move into the lead by nearly 100 points going into the last day.