Thursday, July 12, 2007

Sydney Airport

Hi all well it is finally time to head back to the states for the World Championships. I am heading over early for some practice and one competition prior to the worlds.
I woke up early this morning to catch my flight and when I arrived at the airport 2 hrs before my flight I was blessed with 100 school children in front of me. Well lets just say that it took some time to check in.
When I got to the counter I was talking to the clerk and she was very nice and asked all about my adventure I was about to slide into. She even filled out my immagration cards and was more than happy to chat about hang gliding and wished all the australians to return with gold medals around their necks..
This seemed to be the trend for the morning and felt like the whole Sydney Airport was cheering me on..
Well that was until I went through the security and they found the vegemite that I forgot about in my carry on baggage. The funny thing was it was going to be a present and I had our Chopper tickets from the Ronnie Jons Half Hour show taped to the jar.
In big writing the ticket said HARDEN THE F$%K UP!! and they looked at me funny as if I had planned to do this. I was trying not to laugh but it was difficult and eventually got away however my vegemite did not escsape the customs..

Well it is finally time for me to board the big Qantas jet in bound for the land of the big..

Here is a photo of me relaxing with free wireless...